The Firework Maker’s Daughter 

This is a really good book. I would recommend it. I read it to coincide with Fireworks Night, which is soon. It is about a girl who wants to be a firework maker, and has learned how to make fireworks, but her father says that she can’t because she is a girl and has to get married. I don’t want to give away the plot so I’m not going to say anymore about it, but I will say that I liked the book for the characters, and for the detailed analysis of fireworks displays. 

It is a quest book. Lila’s quest is to become a firework maker, and to discover the final secret of firework making. She goes on a journey. 

This is a bit like the Hero’s Journey, which is a thing that happens in a lot of stories: Lord of The Rings, the Harry Potter books – the whole series makes one big Hero’s Journey and each book makes a little one. 

In a story which features the Hero’s Journey, you will have the Hero, or Heroine in their village or place where they live (generally a village), then they are called upon to leave to take up a quest, or an adventure that turns into a quest, then there is sometimes something that happens that helps them to realise themselves, most of the time it is magic, then they achieve the quest and then they return to the village. 

So all in all, this is a brilliant book. It follows the Hero’s Journey and it features a girl who doesn’t get married at the end which is very usual because I have noticed that normally girls can’t be alone in stories, they normally have some sort of male character who they fall in love with and that didn’t happen. She has a friend. They stay friends. Hero Journey stories are generally about boys, but this one was about a girl. I think this is good because it’s rare and nice to have a change. 

The End. 


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