My Minecraft Realm

I now have a Realm on Minecraft. It’s called Realm Club. I wanted to get a Realm so that I could play with my friends, and build stuff together. So far we have built a castle on top of a hill, overlooking a small village that we have also built. We have built a PVP arena and I have personally built a massive statue of Raichu, because Raichu.

I like being the admin for a server, it feels look to micromanage and control everything (mwahaha only joking), it does feel good to have a place that is mine. My friends EmoBrony, antoinethedonkey, and FalcoFenn are my OPs. We have created a rule system to try and control the crazy pyromania that all Minecrafters are obsessed with, because there is nothing more fun than getting a bunch of TNT and seeing if you can crash the game! We also have a rule that says “No crashing the game!”

This is the castle:


This is the village. Yes, that is a Tardis and yes EmoBrony built it.


RAICHU!!!!!!! (because Raichu)


Future Plans:

Can you see the hall-like building in the top right, next to the beacons? That is going to be a brewery where I’m going to brew potions and stuff. The design is based on a famous Viking Mead Hall that I can’t remember the name of right now but I am going to go and Google it… It is Heorot from Beowulf.

The End.



One thought on “My Minecraft Realm

  1. Oz,
    Your realm has developed so much and in a relatively short space of time.

    I love your Raichu statue (because Raichu) as well as the idea that you and your friends are building a civilisation.

    I want to see more.

    Joel x


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