My New Battleships

These are some of my new creations in my Minecraft realm. I was satisfied with my old battleships but… I could do better… so I did. Largely based off the ww2 battleship Terpitz, and post war battleship yammato, the central ship is the best I could have hoped for when I started it, even though there were some hitches with its construction, eventually leading to me doubling the size of the hull. This was because of its 4 huge turrets! When I had finished the original hull I tried to fit a turret that was the size I liked, and it wouldn’t fit, so I had to change the whole shape and size of it. I also am now using end rods for smaller guns rather than full blocks because the full blocks looked clunky.2017-02-28_22-27-59 The second ship in question is a post ww2 destroyer. Not much to be said about this one except that it was one of my first designs that I was actually happy with because I built the super structure differently – when I was building the battleship, I basically created a wider bridge frame and copied that structure when I was making the destroyer. I think it looks better than my old designs which tended to be taller and thinner.2017-02-28_22-23-37  And finally I come to the last ship. I built this one with a friend, it is a modern aircraft carrier. I don’t know much about modern warships.  I found this a particularly difficult thing to build… the conning tower looked like a house, until we finally snapped and changed it. It so much like a cottage on top of an air craft carrier. It was so dumb looking. I didn’t want to change it at first because i knew it would take hours, and it did. I am glad we changed it though, because it looks much, much better now. I like the cobbled walls.2017-02-28_22.26.26.png2017-02-28_22-26-16This is basically the end of the blog post but there are a few things I would like to say before I go. One of them is that this collection of buildings is far from finished, I want to build more ships here and a whole Naval base as well. The last thing i want to say is that writing this blog post didn’t melt my brain nearly as much as the others (I am dyslexic).



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