My family and I keep rats, there names are Raichu and Pikachu, they are furry and cute, not at all like the rat portrayed in popular films and books. Most people find rats unnerving and scary, but pet rats really aren’t. Surprisingly easy to tame rats are among the best small pets, despite there short life span of 2-3 years. We first got our rats a few months ago, they were small and fragile, but after a very short time they grew larger and stronger.

Unlike many pets they do not bite unless sorely provoked and if taken out of their cage every day, fed well and played with they will quickly grow to love you. As rats are very social animals that MUST be keped in pairs or groups, as they become unhappy if not. So what do rats eat? Well a general muesli of dry seeds and grains, and wet food such as vegetables. Rats must be scatter fed every day (sprinkle the food around the cage so that they can forage) and can be given treats of other foodstuffs, such as tiny pancakes popcorn and just about any thing else you can think of. Rats can eat any thing except citrus fruits. A rat cage must have many toys and yet be big enough to retain a lot of floor space, so if thinking about getting rats do to take that into account.

Here is a picture of my rats setup:





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