More Ships

So, I’m starting to feel like all I do with my life is sit and play video games… Oh wait…

Ok, so joking aside I built more ships in Minecraft. I do love building these things and I just don’t know why. Anyways, with the new update came concrete and well, it’s the best block added to date, builders everywhere love these things. It’s stained clay, but with accurate colours, and its just the best. The new ship is the largest I’ve ever built, and is the only battleship running a helicopter. This is not the only main difference this ship has, compared to any of its peers. Other than its unusual size and air group, it has a larger main artillery battery and AA armament, but lacks as many secondary guns, tho the positioning of them could be a factor in accuracy and survivability. Of course this is all hypothetical because Minecraft is not built to do this, but you know I still love building them, and always will…




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